The Beginning

Hi! I’m Austin! I don’t know how to begin a story like this. You’re probably wondering who I am! WELL I CAN PRETTY MUCH GUARANTEE IM WONDERING A WHOLE LOT MORE WHO YOU ARE! I know who I am! I’m Austin! I’m me! I really like peanut butter and jelly! I really like string cheese! I don’t know why my Mommy and Daddy gave me this stinky old diary!!! I think it has to do with Sandy. Somebody sure cut the cheese! I don’t think it was me. If I did I think would go down the toilet hole. Then all my friends would have to come look for me. I think I’m having a birthday party. Mommy and Daddy are being very sneaky. I saw them bring in the cake. I hope it has whip cream. I hope this isn’t just a dream. I hope it’s made of ice cream. I saw all my friends coming to see me. Roger Rabbit. Kermit the Frog. I even saw Elsa. I hope it’s not too snowy because then no one will see me. I’ll be the frozen queen. I hope I’m made of whipped cream. Then Sandy can lick me. Sandy, Sandy stop it! Your tongue is so slimy! I hope I can get a popsicle. Then I can have a strawberry popsicle stick! Then I can draw a face on it. I hope it’s me. I’m not very good at drawing but I hope you can see my family. This is my Mommy and Daddy. I hope it’s not too messy. I know I’m not supposed to color outside the lines but I think that’s what happens with rainbows. I want to see where they go. Mr. and Mrs. Pete say I should go see Bernie. Then I can get some fresh squeezed ice cold lemonade because lemons are sweet. But sometimes they’re sour. I was just eating my popsicle when I bit too hard. Then I got brain freeze. I think I’m going to get brain freeze if I eat too much ice cream. I know I’m hungry. I know it because I have something golden in my tummy. Mommy says it’s light. I think I have butterflies when she touches me.

She says there’s a special light inside of me. I hope it’s not very bright. I like sleeping with the lights on but it’s even better when you just have a nightlight. That way you’re not too scared. I’m scared of the dark. I think it’s because I was watching TV and I saw someone else’s art. Mommy said you can make your own art.